Stoneturn Machine

Stoneturn Machine (For Marble Coating)

Double turning machine for stone, marble and granite. Auto tool change from roughing to finishing to decrease tool wear and double chuck to increase productivity.



Double chuck.
Automatic tool change.
Hydraulic piece holding.
2 axis CNC control.
Inverter driven spindles.
Gate columns.
Big columns for classical and modern building.
Spheres etc.

Special Request
Tools motor drive 10 KW
Spindle motor drive 0.75KW
Hydraulic power pack 1.5 KW
Disk diameter up to 400mm
Disk RPM 1000 to 3000
Spindle RPM 10 to 80
Max piece dimensions 1200x450x450mm
Max single piece dimensions 3000x450x450mm
Overall Power 15 Kw
Weight 3800kg