EasyWeld – Welding Machine

EasyWeld - Welding Machine

EasyWeld is totally new machine. Specially designed for low to medium production of hydraulic cylinders. The basic concept is to weld different sizes of cylinders without needing any adjustment. EasyWeld thanks to pulse function of the Cebora Evo Speed Star machine, gives clean, spatter free weldings.


Circumferential welding.
Port welding.
Occilator for circumferential welding.
PLC controlled.
Memorized parameters.
Fast positioning by hand.
Pulse function on welding machine.
Special Request
Operator's Console

Simple PLC control which can memorize settings for each job. Contains settings for speed,start delay, end delay etc.

Welding diameter Up to 300 mm
Port welding diameter Up to 40mm
Min cylinder length 300 mm
Max cylinder length 6000 mm
Welding current Up to 350A
Torch type Binzle aircooled
Welding speed Adjustable
Overal machine dimensions 3500mm X 1000mm
Machine weight Approximately 1000kg (without welding machine)
Voltage 220V
Power 1000 W (without welding machine)