CNC Cutting Table – Zeus 1

CNC CNC Cutting Table - Zeus 1

CNC cutting table, for Air Plasma, High Performance Plasma and Oxy fuel cutting torch.
Produced on custom dimensions and custom features.

Standard Features

Optional Features

Probust steel frame.
Timing belt drive system.
Accurate linear guides.
AC servo drives system.
Arc voltage height control.
Movable cutting table.
Scrap drawer.
Duct system.
AC servo drives system.
High performance modifications.

Special Request
Effective cutting area 1500mmX3000mm
Drive system power 1500W
Voltage 240V
Adjustable cutting speed 0 to 8000 mm/min
Rapid transfer speed 0 to 12000 mm/min
CNC controller specifications
Software for designing simple 2D designs.
Color screen LCD 15”.
Ability of inserting and recognizing CAD designs, inserting and editing DXF designs, producing and exporting DXF and CAD designs for saving..
USB 2.0 port.
Standard shape parts library.
Provides the ability of rotate, mirror, copy and zoom the designs to be produced.
Display of the torch follow trajectory.
Ability of selecting the cutting side (inner/outer) and the cutting direction..