Bridge Saw – Damon


Damon is a very accurate and easily operated Bridge Saw cuting machine.The latest technology is used,regarding the technical and electronic part of the machin. Thanks to the new user-friendly touch screen interface, any worker can handle this machine after a short, 10 - minute training.

Damon is able to cut any kind of non-circular piece,accurately and fast.

This bridge saw can cut marble,granite and stone with much less tool wear,thanks to adjustable spindle speed.

An another ability of this bridge saw cutter is the use of Z axis as cutting direction.

Damon is a low cost solution for every marble business and factory
Fast,simple and reliable are Damo's main characteristics.

Standard Features

Robust steel frame welded and machined.
AC drive on all axes.
AC drive spindle motor.
Rotary table with pneumatic brake and 8 position indexing device.
Laser positioner
Tiltable spindle 0-90 degrees
Tiltable table(hydraulic).
Covered linear rails.

Special Request
Effective cutting area 3000mmX3000mm
Z clearance 350mm
Overall dimensions 6000mm X 3500mm
System power 10KW
Sprindle power 7,5KW
Voltage 415V
Positioning Speed 6000 mm/min
Cutting speed(max) 1500mm/min
Machine weight 3000kg